Sunday, October 16, 2016

Clear, Clean, Shine

"As we work
On our
Forgiveness process
As we heal
Our soul
Seems like
The sanitation department
Has become
Our new role
We must take on
Excavating the blocks
To the presence of
We all have residue
Unforgiven pieces
Below and above
Our barely conscious
The places
That haven't seen
When exposed
To clearance and cleaning
Will shine
Ever so bright!"
Janine Jansma ~

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

It's About What You Give, Not What You Get

Creation's Freedom Promises My Own

Lesson 279

Creation's freedom promises my own.
The end of dreams is promised me, because God's Son is not abandoned by His Love. Only in dreams is there a time when he appears to be in prison, and awaits a future freedom, if it be at all. Yet in reality his dreams are gone, with truth established in their place. And now is freedom his already. Should I wait in chains which have been severed for release, when God is offering me freedom now?
I will accept Your promises today, and give my faith to them. My Father loves the Son Whom He created as His Own. Would You withhold the gifts You gave to me?

Monday, October 3, 2016

The Son of God is Free

Lesson 277

Let me not bind Your Son with laws I made.
Your Son is free, my Father. Let me not imagine I have bound him with the laws I made to rule the body. He is not subject to any laws I made by which I try to make the body more secure. He is not changed by what is changeable. He is not slave to any laws of time. He is as You created him, because he knows no law except the law of love.
Let us not worship idols, nor believe in any law idolatry would make to hide the freedom of the Son of God. He is not bound except by his beliefs. Yet what he is, is far beyond his faith in slavery or freedom. He is free because he is his Father's Son. And he cannot be bound unless God's truth can lie, and God can will that He deceive Himself.