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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Love... Our Walk and Our Talk

is the power that initiates friendship, tolerance, civility, and
respect. It is the source that overcomes divisiveness and hate.
 Love is the fire that warms our lives with unparalleled joy and divine hope.
Love should be our walk and our talk.”

Awaken Our Heart

Sunday, June 12, 2016

"The Forgotten Way", the Lord's Prayer

From:  "The Forgotten Way"

Taken From The Lord's Prayer:

"My Father, who is of the eternal realm, full of power and love far beyond my comprehension.

May the expression of  your love and power be manifested here in my earthly experience in the same way it is known in your eternal realm.

May your sovereign will be manifested in every waking experience of my life even as it is in your sovereign realm.

Give me what I need to live on earth--food, shelter, and clothing--even as you give to the birds of the air and the flowers of the field.

May I know that I am one with you as I let go of the offenses I have against any other.  Lead me not into the temptation to place other gods before you, and deliver me from the deception that they can save me.  I am saved already in you.

For yours is the kingdom, and the power and the glory forever."


From:  "The Forgotten Way" by Ted Dekker, with reflections by Bill Vanderbush

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Kingdom of God, Come On Earth As In Heaven

God's eyes are on you and your city...One person....One prayer...can change EVERYTHING!

"God appeared to Solomon that very night and said, “I accept your prayer; yes, I have chosen this place as a temple for sacrifice, a house of worship... If my people, my God-defined people, respond by humbling themselves, praying, seeking my presence, and turning their backs on [wickedness], I’ll be there ready for you: I’ll listen from heaven, forgive their sins, and restore their land to health. From now on I’m alert day and night to the prayers offered at this place. Believe me, I’ve chosen and sanctified this Temple that you have built: My Name is stamped on it forever; my eyes are on it and my heart in it always. As for you, if you live in my presence as your father David lived, pure in heart and action, living the life I’ve set out for you, attentively obedient to my guidance and judgments, then I’ll back your kingly rule over Israel—make it a sure thing on a sure foundation. The same covenant guarantee I gave to David your father I’m giving to you, namely, ‘You can count on always having a descendant on Israel’s throne." 2 Chronicles 7:14 MSG

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Aligning With the Light is Choosing Love

"Today, we think once more on alignment. As we go through this life as students and apprentices of the Way who is Christ in and as us, aligning to our true selves bears immediate and staggering reward.

What is alignment? If you've read The Forgotten Way, you know it is simply being in the vine. It's coming into 'obedience' with that incredible power called love in which there is no fear. It is being one with the light in which there is no darkness.

In any given moment, you are primarily aligned with one of two masters: Love or fear. Light or darkness. You can only serve one at a time.

Here's what bends the egoic mind: aligning with the light is to align with your true self, because you are the light of the world. It is aligning or attuning to the frequency of love who is God in you.

This, now, is our only journey.

"When you are in fear, you create more fear.

When you are in love, there is no fear and you create more love.

So let us align with who we are in Christ and so love the world. As he is, so are we in this world.


~ Theo Dekker, "The Forgotten Way"

Saturday, May 28, 2016

"The Forgotten Way" (Now Available)

Welcome to "The Forgotten Way"
by Ted Dekker

"The Forgotten Way is as important to this generation as C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity was to his generation. 
A profound Scriptural work that won't be forgotten; a modern day Biblical masterpiece bathed in the presence of God with generational impact. It's an amazing and gripping read."  ~ Ryan Kibbe, Elevation Church


Monday, May 23, 2016

Opportunity for Salvation, Counting All Trials As Joy

"This evening, a new way to think of our journey in this life, using new terms to help us think differently. Have you had any trials in the last week? Times when you experienced frustration with yourself or anyone else on any level? Yes?

Good. So have I. And from now on we will think of each of these trials as an "opportunity for salvation" in this life. Opportunity because each trouble that comes our way is simply a chance to see the world without threat, just like Yeshua saw the storm without threat even though his disciples were afraid. And salvation because we long to be saved from the fear and anxiety that rises on the storms of this life. Finding salvation in the storm is finding peace.

An opportunity for salvation. A trial.

So the next time someone yells at you or cuts you off in traffic or treats you unkindly in any respect, think to yourself "I am being given an opportunity for salvation in this moment. Will I be crushed by this storm, or will I walk on these waters as the son, the daughter of the Father?"

Try it. You might be surprised. It's the only way to count all trials as joy, as Paul says.
Make sense?"

~ Theo Dekker, "The Forgotten Way"

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pray and Praise Always

Is anyone among you suffering?
He should pray.
Is anyone in good spirits?
He should sing a song of praise."
(James: 5)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

There's No Place Like Home

"Many biologists would say that the most exotic fish still living is the turquoise killfish in equatorial Africa. Why? For starters, these little fish lay dormant in their eggs on dry ground for months until the rains come and fill vast bodies of water for them to thrive in. Fish need water to survive. Especially the little ‘virgin’ fishies. Now imagine with me that one day these little fishies decided differently. Millions of them hatched on dry ground next to a great ocean of water. Having lived comfortably in their eggs on dry ground for so long, it occurred to the first hatched among these virgin fishies that he should just remain on dry ground. So he began to wiggle away from the ocean.

“Where are you going?” the other newly-hatched fishies nearby asked him. “Aren’t we supposed to live in the water?” The little virgin fish looked at the vast lake. “The water’s too wet,” he said.
The other fishies looked puzzled. “How can water be too wet?”
The first fish shrugged. “And too deep. If i get thirsty I'll just take a drink.”

With frightful glances and whispered concern, word spread on the breeze. Nearly all of the virgin fishies joined the first fish and struggled up the bank, convinced that the water was too wet and too deep. That year only a few of the virgin fishies entered the water and thrived. The rest shriveled up on the parched ground.
They were the virgin suicides. (Remind you of another parable about virgins?)

In this parable, you and I are the fish. The dry ground is our perception of the world we are born into. And the ocean is our natural home—a deep spiritual feast in which we swim and feed and live and move and have our being. We might say, “How absurd for a fish to think that the water is too wet to live in.” But are we not the same? We, like those little virgin fishies, can only thrive in that deep ocean of spirituality, but we have somehow been led to believe that being too spiritually minded will make us no earthly good.

How can this be? Our entire existence is spiritual. We are spiritual beings and we live in spirit. Everything else is temporal and passing away, as Paul puts it. A costume or earthen-vessel worn for a brief moment before being discarded.

So may we enter in, awaken to, become aware of who we are in the water. Breathe it, drink it, swim in it, be it. Spirituality cannot be too spiritual for us any more than water can be too wet for a fish.
Does this post resonate with you?"
~ Theo Dekker, "The Forgotten Way"

I especially loved today's parable, as I am a "Pisces" (sign of the fish), my favorite color is turquoise and I often feel like the ocean is a sample of heaven! And I love your point that there is no such thing as too much spirituality. We all need to remember that Heaven is not some place in the distance future, faraway somewhere. Heaven is Here, Heaven is Now, Heaven is Within, Heaven is our HOME!

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we do not need to look beyond our own backyard, because there really is no place like HOME.
YEA!!! \o/
~ me

Saturday, May 14, 2016

We are Called to Oneness

".....marriage is simply a metaphor for two becoming one, as Paul writes, it is one a good one. Our union with Christ is the greatest of all mysteries.
How can two be one? How can you and Christ be one? And yet it is so as both Yeshua and Paul made so clear in so many texts we have ignored for so many years.
But no more. Today we awaken from our deep slumber and step into that wild mystery of who we actually are in these moral bodies.
May we all abide in the deep knowing of our union with Christ, hidden in God as one with Him, sharing His divine nature.
This world will fail us as surely as each cell in our bodies fail us in death. In fact, while reading even this one post, millions of your cells have died and fallen from your body.
But that is not who we are. We are light and love in our divine being, in union with and in Christ. Know this and and find peace and power in your mortal body. Remember always that nothing impermanent is worth striving for. Or as Paul put it, fix your eyes not on what is seen and temporal, but on what is unseen and eternal.
Why? Because THAT is who you are. You are the light and in that light there is no darkness."
~ Theo Dekker, author of  "The Forgotten Way"

Sunday, May 8, 2016

I Have Risen With Christ

"Are you too busy and distracted to come to the table of delight today? Who would you align yourself with today, the darkness that accuses you, or the light in which you are free? The choice is ours each hour. There is no condemnation from your Father for either choice. And yet in darkness you reap darkness from that darkness. Align with who you are in the light instead and find peace and power in this life.


Think once more of the mountain top on which your Father’s presence resonates in the infinite frequency of love and peace and creative power. And think of you, still walking through the valley of the shadow of death below the mountain top. You have longed to climb there, to His side and to feast at his banquet of delight, devoid of fear and anxiousness.

But today you awaken to a staggering truth that takes your breath away. You are already there on that mountain top, hidden with Christ in your Father, in union with Him!

You are there in Christ. And He is here with you, in the valley, as one. In truth you are already risen and glorified with Him. This is your eternal self. It is who He says you are.

In reality, your truest self has no fear because she is the light of the world and is love and is glorified already! There is no fear in love.

In reality, she is not even a she, because there is no male or female in Christ. In reality, she, who is you, is seated in that heavenly place already at perfect peace in this very moment. That is who you are.

You experience the fear of darkness—the shadow of death—in the valley below only because your old human self, or low self, or earthen-vessel self, still clings to identification with the valley of shadows below. You have placed your faith in them. But those shadows are only deceptions that blind you to who you are as the new, risen, eternal self. Yeshua does not lie. You are in Him and He is in you as one. You are risen. You are glorified. Follow Him or follow another, the choice is yours. But we will follow Yeshua.

As you align with your Father, and with Christ, and with your self in Christ, you will resonate in one song, one frequency, one light, one love—that staggering, infinite power that changes your perception of all that you see on the horizon beneath you in that valley called this world.

Today can choose to follow the Way who is Christ by aligning your identity with your eternal self who is risen with Christ. The old you is dead and you experience struggles only because you still believe in that old you, rather than believing in the name of Christ and who you are in Him.

Say this today: "I have risen with Christ. It is no longer the old me who lives. I am glorified and complete. Today I align myself with the name—the identity—of Christ and myself in union with Him.

In doing so, I come into alignment with who He says I am. In doing so I believe in the name of Christ."

~ Theo Dekker "The Forgotten Way"

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Align With Truth


"That I might know Christ, and the power of His resurrection
That I might know Christ and power of my resurrection in Him

Today, align yourself with the reality that there is no struggle in Christ. There is no darkness in light. It is finished. Although you may choose to experience the darkness in the valley below the mountain, it holds no power but that which you give it. Death is now but a shadow. It is finished! The victory is already won.

All that remains is your choice in any given moment to align with the Truth of who you are in the light, or not. Awaken to who you are, a new creature, the eternal self, risen and glorified and complete in Him as the light of the world already.

Say this today: "Today I will choose to awaken to a life of peace in the storm, free of all struggle, because that struggle is finished. As I align myself to this truth, I experience love and joy and peace in the face of all that would seem to deny the truth of who I am as the son, the daughter of my Father.

Today, it is finished. And I claim my freedom from all deception that would say otherwise.

It is finished. Death has no sting; it is only a shadow. I can see the shadow or I can see the light. Today I choose to align with and see the light, because it is as Yeshua told me: I am the light of the world. His words do not lie. I am risen, I am glorified, I am the light of the world because Yeshua says I am."

~ Theo Dekker (The Forgotten Way)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Alignment with Our Infinite Father


"As an analogy, think of alignment as you might resonating with a tuning fork. When you have two tuning forks in a room and one begins to vibrate, the other will also begin to vibrate if it’s tuned to the same frequency. They resonate. They abide in each other’s frequency.

As you align yourself with your infinite Father, you will resonate with His frequency—His character, His Being—as His son or daughter. This, now, is your journey of awakening to who you are. This is joining with His song in resonance. As an illustration, think of your Father seated on a high mountaintop. There, His presence is like a tuning fork that vibrates in the frequency of infinite love and power.

We will call the valley below the mountain the valley of the shadow of death, in which darkness, although but a shadow, is experienced by you in the low frequency of a thousand fears and self-condemnation.

Your journey is to align yourself with Him, high and lifted up. On that mountain peak, there is no threat. No malice. No lack. Only light, love, joy and infinite creative power. On the mountain peak, your perspective of the valley below shifts dramatically. Peace floods your heart and mind.

In truth, your purpose isn’t to escape this world by running up a mountain. Rather, your purpose is to experience your Father in this world. It’s why you are here. Though you are not of this world, you are still in it and for good reason. Our illustration of a mountain is only a useful way to think of alignment.

Align with your Father today. Join in His presence and resonate with His power and love today. In aligning yourself with Him, you will see that you, who are hidden in God with Christ, cannot be harmed.

Say this today: Today, I say ‘yes’ to aligning myself with my infinite Father who cannot be threatened or ever compromised in any way. Today, I know that I am made of His fabric as an aspect of Him, in the world but not of it. As I align with my Father, I know myself as the son, the daughter, of the Father. And so I say 'yes' to aligning with myself, risen as the son, the daughter of the Father."

~ Theo Dekker

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Grace of God is For You

"Experience isn't meant to take away your innocence, but to lead you to an understanding of the reality that true innocence is the grace of God that is for you in spite of your experience." 
 ~ Bill Vanderbush 
(Cathedral of Praise, Austin,TX)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

You Are Loved

Remember who you are....a child of God

Remember where you are....always with your Father in Heaven

Remember what you are here to teach.... you are unconditionally Loved

Friday, April 29, 2016


"We are the sons and daughters of the Father, through Yeshua. You are risen with Christ. Awaken to the power of your resurrection in Christ." 
~ Ted Dekker

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Leave Heart Prints Wherever You Go

"Whatever our hands touch -
We leave fingerprints!
On walls, on furniture
On doorknobs, dishes, books.
There is no escape.
As we touch we leave our identity.

Wherever I go today
Help me leave heart prints!
Heart prints of compassion
 Of understanding and love.

Heart prints of kindness
And genuine concern.
May my heart touch a lonely neighbor
Or a runaway daughter
Or an anxious mother
Or perhaps an aged grandfather.

Send me out today
To leave heart prints.
And if someone should say,
"I felt your touch,"
May they also sense the love
 that is deep within my heart."

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone), Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin – Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) 
From the album – Until The Morning

Amazing grace How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me
 I once was lost, but now I'm found Was blind, but now I see
 'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear And grace my fears relieved
 How precious did that grace appear The hour I first believed

 My chains are gone I've been set free
 My God, my Savior has ransomed me
 And like a flood His mercy reigns
 Unending love, amazing grace
 The Lord has promised good to me
 His word my hope secures
 He will my shield and portion be
 As long as life endures

 The earth shall soon dissolve like snow
 The sun forbear to shine
 But God, who called me here below
 Will be forever mine Will be forever mine

Friday, April 22, 2016


Deditio: (latin for 'unconditional surrender')

“Trust only in his Way, his Truth, his Life.” 

Forgiveness.... no fear...... Deditio,
knowing no one and no thing can hurt us

For all you Ted Dekker fans out there... #outlaw #deditio #theoutlawchronicles #teddekker #penandink #art #design #artisticdesign

"Do you know this word Austin?”
“And it’s meaning?”
“It’s latin for unconditional surrender. The demand of the Roman empire when it conquered its subjects.”
“The same Romans sometimes exacted that total surrender using a cross. But in the end, it’s surrender that conquers."
~ Ted Dekker (from "Eyes Wide Open")

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Obedience is Spiritual Alignment

When God's Will becomes our own, we are in union. Obedience is Alignment with our true Self.

"Today we consider a lie and send it shrinking away like a tired old wolf who has lost its teeth. The lie is in our understanding of obedience.

When we hear the word obedience we often feel the burden of its demands on us. But today, think of obedience in its truer context. Obedience is simply alignment with light and beauty.

A bolt obeys a nut when you screw it in, unless they are out of alignment. A horse surrenders its resistance and obeys its master when it comes into alignment with that master, as one, joined in agreement. Now back to the lie. We have been led to believe that we are unworthy and must obey another, Yeshua, who is worthy. It is true that Yeshua is worthy, the lamb who is perfect. He is the Christ.

But you too are now worthy, one in Him. You too are one with Christ, because as Paul writes, Christ is all (is you) and in all (in you.) So aligning yourself with Christ is also aligning yourself with your true Self.

Today, align yourself with the truth of who you are in Christ which is your true identity. Align the small self you think of as you, with the self that is glorified and who is already one with Christ. Align your experience of this life with your 'Christed' Self and you will be in obedience to the Word because you too are now the Word--the manifest expression of God in an earthen vessel.

In Union with Christ there can be no other way. Christ in you and you in Christ (which is Christ as you) IS the only Way. There is no other way to know yourself as the daughter of the Father but by this. Indeed, this IS salvation as we know it.

Today, align yourself with who you are, and let all the lies of who you are not slink away like the toothless wolves they are.

What good news this is! Look at what Yeshua has done for you and be in awe of the lamb who was slain to glorify you! How beautiful you are! It is a good day to be alive!

Know thy Self."

~ Theo Dekker, author of "The Forgotten Way"

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

In Christ, Find Peace, Faith, Love, Joy

JOY Wins!

From Bill Vanderbush, "This is the last 9 minutes of the meeting last Sunday night in Maine. Try this as a meditation before you go to sleep."

Sunday, April 17, 2016

With God

With God ALL things are possible.
Matthew 19:26

Friday, April 15, 2016

Good News!

Go out to all the world, and tell the Good News. 
 Mk. 16:15